F stands for…

Admit it, you were thinking of an expletive when you read that title.

Actually, if someone asked me what is the first work to come to mind when you see the letter F I would say Food. I know, pitiful.

In any event, this post is not about dirty words or food.

My son, as you might already know, is in preschool. Lest you think preschool is just another word for supervised babysitting (which it kinda is at times I guess)…. I am lucky to have David enrolled in a preschool that has a curriculum (gotta get something useful for the $800 a month ).

They have a “lettter” of the week. And to reinforce the “letter du jour they have activities around the letter like: show and tell, naming objects that start with the letter, tracing the letter, identifying the letter on paper… etc.

I am from the old school where no one taught anything logical until 1st grade. Kindergarten was pretty much play, coloring/crafts. and pulling hair.

Toddlers in this century are far more advanced.

Sometimes it’s scary.

So David comes home after writing his short story…. (just kidding) comes home from school with his firetruck in hand (the one he used for show-and-tell). F stands for Firetruck he tells me. And, then, he goes on to tell me about 8 other words that begin with the letter “F”. How did he memorize this?? I can’t remember where I left my keys but this child has memorized the lesson plan from his teacher. Amazing…

His teacher has informed me that he will be writing his name by the Spring…. !?! are you kidding me???

It won’t be long before my son is more (booksmart) than me. Just a matter of time before all our toddlers are teaching us. I am having a hot flash thinking about elementary school, middle school, high school… homework that I won’t be able to comprehend!

I better start cracking the books.

They don’t do algebra in kindergarten, do they????


One thought on “F stands for…

  1. We really need to work on letters & numbers with Emily. She knows the whole alphabet, and can count to like 20, knows all the colors, but she can’t read any letters/numbers yet.

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