Sugar hazed

I’ve never seen such a mass of kids in my life last night. We bought 600 pieces of candy, only to run out early evening. It was a madhouse.

I think the issue is my neighbor does such a HUGE display, word is traveling fast and we are now getting neighborhood kids + truckloads of other kids.

David basically had candy and sweets all day. He came home from preschool all fired up to go trick-or-treating. , so we put on the Pirate costume (excuse me, Johnny Depp) and he RAN to about 10 houses and then announced he was done with Halloween. He started taking the costume OFF as he ran home, me chasing him.

By the time we got home, the grandparents, Aunts and Uncles stopped by to see David, but of course his costume was now a memory. Face painted in chocolate, peanut butter, and sugar. He was a sticky mess.

At about 8pm, he fell asleep on the steps going up to his room, apparently a victim of his sugar-induced coma.

At which case I sat down and opened up the white chocolate reese’s peanut butter cups I found at the bottom of his bag.

aaaaah, heaven…..

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