Serving number 87

I need a virtual number thingie like they have at the deli.

“Form a line please, single file! I will get to you. Please be patient.”

Moms are expected to be patient, and I have to tell you, I’m pretty good at being patient with my son…. it’s the rest of the world that is impatient with me.

Everyone needs/wants something, and often I am annoyed that people become so impatient all the time. I spend most of my day serving others, and talking down others from their hurried-pace… “slow-down, have some patience!”

I think Moms become pre-wired with the patience gene that activates when you have children. Unfortunately, most women lose it when they get older. Come on, don’t pretend you don’t know… haven’t you noticed every woman (over the age of 65 or so) eventually suffers complete meltdowns of patience. Ever stand in the pharmacy wait line when an older lady needs her heart medicine refilled???

Most men, no patience.
Children, definitely no patience.
Co-workers, limited patience.
People driving cars during the morning rush hour, no patience.

I am a woman of my word. If I tell you something will be done, it will be done complete and in the proper manner. I am swift, I am efficient.

Just don’t get impatient with me.

If you do, I guarantee you will move to the absolute bottom of my list. Sorta like when the number thingie runs out of numbers at the deli.


Too bad for you!


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