I need a Personal Shopper

I’ll admit it, I’m not even close to Supermom status. But what’s a Mom to do when she can’t cover all the bases, so to speak??

Right now, I am working, washing a load of laundry, and looking into my bare fridge trying to figure out what to make for dinner.

I suck at planning meals, which is pretty remarkable since I have such an obsession with food. I love to cook (if I had the time), but what I really HATE is food shopping. It makes my skin crawl. Pushing that damn cart and praying I’m not stuck at the deli counter for an hour,. Getting to the register only to find people still write CHECKS to buy groceries…. geez, have you ever heard of a freaking debit card or CASH????

Then I have to tote a trunk full of groceries home before the ice cream melts and find room to shove the food into my pantry. I mean, come on, who likes this crap???

I tried online food shopping. It’s pretty good for some items, but not all. I like to pick out my own produce and check the expiration dates on the items, and that isn’t possible in the home delivery scenario. So, it’s like half shopping… I still have to go to the store anyway.

It seems I have the ability to do multiple tasks at home, but when I need to get in the SUV and go to a store, that’s when my candle burns out. I just don’t have the time.

I need a personal shopper. Someone who shops like me, thinks like me, and has the same tastes as me. Someone who knows the difference between a good pineapple and a bad one. Someone who will shop for birthday gifts and Christmas presents. Someone I can hand my Thanksgiving menu to and say.. “Go get this stuff”.

I know, I know… not possible. One, because I am not rich enough to hire someone (and where do you find someone to do this stuff if your not a celebrity in LA?) and TWO, I guess I am a bit of a perfectionist.

I get blazing angry when someone bags my groceries and puts my cold items in with the cans. Or worse, putting dryer sheets in with my deli items (yeah, that really happened and I just about lost my mind).

Hubby thinks I overthink this whole thing. He is willing to go shopping with me, but he works like a dog too… so we resort to frequenting grocery stores at high noon on a Saturday. Not the best time to shop to avoid crowds and obnoxious jerks.

Oh well, time to decide what’s for dinner. I’m thinking pizza.

2 thoughts on “I need a Personal Shopper

  1. natalie- loli know you do, and you are lucky to have him!Steve does bathrooms, litter box activity, vaccuming, and “some” laundry… definitely not my good clothes.I just wished I married a cook. 🙂 It works great when the chores are divided, but it sucks when no one likes to do one thing you don’t.When David gets old enough, guess what chores he will get?

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