Crack for Moms

And, no, drugs have never entered the body of this Mom, but I have to imagine that it might feel like a trip to the holiest of chain department stores…


I spend way too much time and money in this store. It’s like a bad habit that just keeps pulling you in. Like a candy bowl full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on Halloween, or a bag of lightly salted potato chips, or a Coach store. hehe. You can’t not put you hand in the candy dish…

I have TWO Targets in a 7 mile vicinity. My first Target, and now, my new Target. Which has AMAZINGLY a Starbucks in it!!! Holy god, it’s like they built it just for me!!!

So, let me confess right now. I shop at Target pretty much 3-4 times a month. Usually it’s one larger trip (for things I actually NEED), and then smaller trips for the things I really don’t need, but are nice to have.

When the hoildays roll around, I can pretty much set up camp in the seasonal section. My thing is the cute little gift bags and boxes. I end up buying more than people I have gifts to give to.

I also love their little grocery section… it knocks off time when I can pick up bread and milk there.

I don’t think there is an area of the store I don’t like, except maybe the automotive stuff. Even a bottle of car wash looks attractive on a Target shelf.

I wonder how many other Moms out there feel the same? Seems every time I go there, I see other Moms with tots (or alone if they are lucky).. we give each other those knowing glances, and if perhaps conversation ensues, we end up talking about how much $ we spend there. It’s like a Mom cult.

Target is my safe-haven, my little escape from the mundane. I think I even converted my husband to loving Target… now that is something! He loves to wander the cleaning supplies, and of course, the tools and automotive. Of course the only drawback is I end up spending even MORE money with him along. Ladies, leave your significant others at home….

More stuff you can buy for yourself!!!

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