Furniture frenzy

So, I’ve been working on remodeling the house a bit. Last winter, we finished the basement and made a playroom/family room. And, I am still in the process of converting my old dining room to my office/study. The old living room becomes the new dining room.

So, the paint has dried and everything is set except for the furniture. I have been married for 12 years and have never had a dining room set. I’ve also been working at home for the last 6 years with a crappy old IKEA desk in the 3rd bedroom upstairs.

You can imagine my excitement of having my own office, and actually being able to seat my family for Thanksgiving this year. A table that (comfortably) seats 10!!!

So, I finally did it. I ordered my dream dining room and office furniture. It was pretty expensive (thank goodness for no-interest financing until 2009).

And surprise, it’s being delivered tomorrow!

I absolutely cannot wait, and I feel like a total dork being so excited about furniture. I will finally have a whole home.


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