Daniel Cook makes me look like a bad Mom

Do you know this little boy? If you are not a Mom, probably not….

Background: the Disney Channel has this little mini-show, titled, “This is Daniel Cook”, and it basically shows a little boy doing all kinds of cool things… Daniel Cook goes to the Fire Station, Daniel Cook milks a Cow, Daniel Cook writes Poetry…., etc.

I thought this show was neat, at first. I especially liked that the show initally had a theme of “conservation” in mind, such as when Daniel visited a woman who recycled paper and made her own paper for greeting cards and stuff.

David is obsessed with this show. The premise was great, so we started talking about doing some of the things Daniel does. David would watch the show, and we would make plans to do something similar.

But the newer episodes are getting a little out there. Recently, Daniel Cook had a show in which he was captain of a boat (a la Pirates of the Carribean), and I’m thinking…. when would I ever have the opportunity to take David on a tall ship like that, much less let him take the wheel? And then there was Daniel Cook Dogsledding, and Daniel Cook creating stop motion animation…. uh huh. I kid you not.

What happened to Daniel Cook makes Pizza??

Seems like Daniel Cook is running out of things to do.

The problem with my son, is he is an explorer. Well, that’s not a problem per se, I love that about him… but he wants to live the life of Daniel Cook. So, sometimes I have to improvise, and David is too keen for that. He wants to experience the real thing. I am running out of imagination!!

We had bought hubby a couple balloons for his birthday this week, and David was looking at them very intently. Then he said, “Mommy, I want a BIG balloon like Daniel Cook “, and I want to fly into the sun with it”.


I’m feeling like I have the next Richard Branson on my hands.

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