Waiting for the weekend…

Well, considering this week has been pretty sh*tty, it only makes sense that it just goes downhill from there.

Steve and I were taking off tomorrow to do a car trip with David to Lancaster County for some shopping in Amish country. But, Steve’s boss has now cornered him into working tomorrow.


I am contemplating canceling my day off tomorrow, but what the heck… I need a day off to putz around and do nothing. Maybe I’ll take a drive on my own to the new Target that just opened. I found out there’s a STARBUCKS inside. Yee haw.

Now I have two Target stores in an 8 mile radius.. cool.

On the TTC front, I went out and bought a fertility monitor. $200 bucks later, armed with more baby-making ammunition than I care to admit… I am onto another cycle of hope. So now, I have to remember to take my temperature in the AM and pee in a cup. Fabulous.

Wish me luck!

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