The hardest part about being a Mom…

The hardest thing for a Mom to explain to a toddler is the concept of death, especially when we don’t know the answers.

I introduced you to Gilbert a few weeks ago, and unfortunately, he passed yesterday. He died so suddenly, even after being given a clean bill of health. I’m not sure we will ever know the cause, since he was a stray, but what the vet did know was that his red blood cell count was non-existant, indicating a blood disorder or infection that snuck up way too fast. Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it), David was with us at the vet when the decision was made, giving him an oppotunity for a last hug with his kitty.

Our new family addition touched us so deeply in the short time he was around us.

My son, admittedly, is devasated. This little cat was so attached to him, and so was he to it. I pondered how to tell him the reality of the situation, and then decided the truth in a way he would understand was the best route to take.

When David woke up this morning, he asked if Gilbert was coming home. I told him that Gilbert was very sick, and could not come home again, but he is in a better place with his Mommy and Daddy and his favorite toys.

David seemed okay with that explanation, and instead of asking “why??” like he did all day yesterday, he hugged his stuffed animal (also a cat) and said, “Mommy, I miss him”.

Broke my heart and made me smile all at one time.

Peace be with you, dear Gilbert. You will be missed.

4 thoughts on “The hardest part about being a Mom…

  1. Natalie, you know, that’s funny that you mentioned the fish. Coincidentally, we were talking about getting David a fish tank. They have a big one at the rehab center where my FIL recuperated from knee surgery… one day we were there and one of the fish wasn’t moving… to which David replied, “Mom, he’s dead”.I guess the little ones know more than we give them credit for.

  2. My parents’ dog Zack just died last week. We had told Emily he was sick and had to go to the doctor. So when he died we just told her the truth–he was sick (which she knew) and very old, he went to the doctor but they couldn’t make him better, and he died. And that Grandpa buried him in the backyard. She understood (we’ve had so many fish die, so that was a good intro to the whole subject), and wants to see where he was buried next time we go visit. She does say she misses him and that he was a good dog.We’re hoping that the gradual introduction from the fish to Zack will help her understand when it comes time for Great-Grandma…who’s health has been failing this year.

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