Candied apples, and other appley things

I love apples, and I LOVE apple season. Here in the Northeast, we grow a lot of apples. When Fall comes around, you can never be far from a dessert based on an apple. Are you hungry?

Here is a sampling of my favorite apple treats:

Candied/Caramel Apples:
Nothing beats a candied apple or a caramel apple. If you don’t live near a farm market where you can buy a good one, check out Mrs. Prindable’s online.
This stuff is amazing, and tastes as good as it looks. Think of… an apple with your favorite candy bar in one bite! I buy these by the truckload for the holiday and give out as gifts.

Apple Cider Donuts:
I live near a fabulous farm market…. Duffield’s, in Sewell, NJ…

but if you can get there or don’t want to make them from home, buy ’em:

Apple Butter:
Way better than jelly! My favorite is available at:

One thought on “Candied apples, and other appley things

  1. So glad your back! I was a little worried. I *LOVE* Mrs. Prindibles. I order them every year at the holidays. Now me thinking I want to order a little earlier!!!

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