A Mom’s guilty pleasure: TV anytime, anywhere

Do you remember the days when you struggled to program the VCR to tape a TV show? The agony of wondering if you pushed the right buttons and then finding out that the tape ran out or worse, you taped the wrong channel??

In this digital age, I’ve been thinking about how much life has changed from a mere 10 years ago… when there was no alternative except VCR’s. Now, we have DVR and Tivo… one of the best inventions as of late.

However, I must admit, I subscribe to neither… why? Because there is this thing called streaming on the internet, and it’s FREE. Did you realize that about 75% of the primetime shows you watch are readily available on the internet, to watch at your convenience? I think ABC started the trend last year, when it began to offer episodes of it’s most watched shows for FREE the next day after a new episode airs. Now, CBS and NBC have joined the bandwagon. Not to mention, there are other places, like Google Video, where you can find some of your favorite shows as well.

Now, as a FT working Mom, I get very little opportunity to watch uninterrupted TV. And, when 9pm rolls around in this house, everyone heads to bed. We just get up too freaking early to watch TV until 10 or 11pm. Mom gives a giant THUMBS up to this new era of on-demand TV.
I just LOVE this. Yesterday, I took my break to fetch lunch, and caught up on two episodes of news shows I missed. This is absolute genius!!!!

So, you might be thinking, what have I been watching? Well, my favorite show, Lost, doesn’t start up until next week…. but so far, my two picks for ultra cool TV shows new for this season…

“Smith” and “Heroes”

So, when you have some time to kill, check them out. Technology can be wonderful thing…

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