Kitty Cat Quandary

Yesterday, we stopped over my Mom’s house and discovered a stray kitten had adopted my parents. Little did kitty know that he/she was knocking on the wrong door. lol. Strays pop up from time to time, my parents live in an out of the way area (mostly farmland) and cats without owners are plentiful.
My parents are away way too much to take the cat in, and although I could see my Mom was wanting to keep the cat around, she refused to start feeding it for fear she would be too attached. Of course, David was ready to bring this little one home. And the cat picked up on that… would not leave David’s side. When we pulled away in our truck, the cat galloped along side as if to say, “please, take me home”.
It couldn’t be more than a few months old, and S. and I are seriously considering giving this cat a home. We have one cat and a dog now (they get along great), but I am worried adding a cat might upset the balance with the other two pets (who knows). The cat and dog that we have now are very old (Luke, the cat ….named after Luke Perry…. uh huh, I watched 90210 for all those years) is going to be 15 years old, and Teddi (our dog, a Keeshond) is 11 years old. David is very attached to both, and Steve and I worry that it’s likely they are in their twilight years…. it’s only a matter of time before we go from 2 pets to none.
Today is a rainy day, and my son has reminded me no less than 10 times already that kitty is cold and wet, and he wants to save kitty from the wild raccoons (my parents live next to an old farm and have a serious raccoon issue).
So, I am pondering if we should go back over my Mom’s and pick up this cat. At the least, if we don’t take the cat, I need to ensure it gets a home.

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