A perfect cup of coffee

I have another obsession which, at times, becomes expensive and ridiculous to some. Coffee. In all forms: hot, iced, caffeinated, decaffeinated, with whole milk, non-fat milk, soy. Be it a regular cup of coffee, a latte, a capuccino from Starbucks or the multitude of other coffee chains…. or a lovely cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee (no sugar please!) It’s all a good thing.
I get downright grumpy if I pass thru a drivethru for coffee and it’s not made by my specifications. I guess I am a coffee snob. If I mistakenly get sugar in my coffee, I will go out of my way to return it and drive out of my way for a replacement cup. When I need to budget on occasion, I will go without anything to keep my coffee. I just ordered 3 lbs. of beans from Peets a couple days ago, and I am anxiously awaiting the Fedex man to bring my fix for the weekend. Hubby likes coffee too (not to the extent that I do), but he indulges my habit by driving me to various coffee places when we are bored. He’s a sweetie isn’t he? David even drinks his juice from a Starbucks mug, he calls it his “coffee”, just like Mommy drinks. Am I creating a future coffee connoisseur?

One thought on “A perfect cup of coffee

  1. Hi there girl, Its me…sunflowers…Gggrr. I honestly had that same conversation you had on the first day of preschool…way to many times. I felt terrible because my best friend called to tell me she was pg a few weeks ago and I yelled..”Im not surprised, everyone is pg but me!”. I feel so bad about that now. I just keep telling everyone “Tell the stork!” I still havent told anyone but you (and dh, of course) about my bfp. Just when I thought it wouldnt happen it did…I got lucky….I keep my fingers crossed for you too!! I drove through NJ this last weekend on my way to and from Long Island. Maybe I saw you : )Anyway, I love your new blog. I will be a frequent visitor!!!

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