Wake me up when September ends

It was a mixed bag of weather around these parts over the Labor Day holiday. It poured Friday and Saturday, sunny on Sunday and Monday, now it’s back to the drearies.Can say that I was even mildly productive over the weekend. Mostly we just RESTED! Hey, that’s a switch.David has been pressing us to get him a “big boy” bed. So, off we went to about 4 local furniture stores, and I think we found what we are looking for. David has his heart set on bunkbeds, and after thinking about it… why not? That way if his cousins come over in the future we’ll have an extra bed. Since his room has baby furniture in it now, I figured I might as well get him a new dresser too.I pray that I will need that baby furniture in the near future, so we will cram it somewhere for now.Meanwhile, in the work realm, I got assigned to a “special project”, which basically means that I won’t see the light of day for about a month. Hmmmmpfh…..!I am quite tired (maybe it’s the rain), so I will leave the philosophical comments for later. 🙂

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