The lady doth protest too much

Shakespeare was a genius. This dude got all fancy with his plays….damning children in school everywhere for centuries to come with books most high schools kids could never comprehend on a good day. This was a guy who liked to write about women nagging men. I don’t consider myself a nag. Well, the exception being when I am driving with my husband, and he drives like a maniac. I can’t NOT say something when he is trying to teach people lessons for ignoring his rules of the road.But the other thing about Shakespeare is he seems like he was a very endearing person as well. I mean, you have to be to write Romeo & Juliet, right?I think if he was alive today, he’d be Jerry Bruckheimer or something…. you know, the Hollywood producer who does all those big budget, action flicks but still finds time to vist the softer side on TV shows. Manly stuff.Ok, so you are wondering what the heck am I thinking about today? Well, my hubby bought a new truck last night. He loves this truck. We pulled in the driveway last night and he has to go back outside and ponder how nice it is. He spent the night reading the manual (which he does not really have to do… he works in the auto industry for crying out loud). He walks out in the garage and determines if his new white truck (with arizona beige accents) matches his Harley. Yup, hubby has a 2005 Harley too… deep red with an exhaust that can shake the house and make the pictures fall off the walls.Then at the end of the evening he comes over and gives me a hug and says “thanks for letting me buy my new truck” so sweet.But the real deal is I think he is happy that I am a woman who does not nag him about his toys. He has trucks, Harleys, and lawn mowers. I have shoes and Coach bags (ok, lots of Coach bags… and some Burberry, Prada too). If he knew how much I spent accessorizing, he’d have a cow. But hey, we’re even, right??

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