Potty challenged

David has been slow to take to the proper usage of a potty. We started way back at his 2nd birthday… He was interested. So, with (a little) encouragement he tried, aaaand he decided it was not for him. By his 3rd birthday in May, Bob the Builder or Thomas the Train underwear was not even mildly enticing to him. He was just fine in his diaper, thank you very much.When my husband and I were about to “take a potty break” with David, he decided that Pull-ups looked fun, and one day he decided “I will pee no more!”. We were so happy. He has not made one mistake in the pee-pee department. He even decided to stay dry at night! Hallelujah!But then, there was that other order of business.. poopy. David would hide in the corner and do his business in the Pull-Up, then we thought- ah HA! switch him to underwear. So, we did. And it did not make a difference.Now, he’s holding it in.. at home, at school. He cries. He says he wants to be a baby. (whaaaat?)Not pretty. And, I am getting a little bored of potty talk. What’s a Mom to do?

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