Intro: Meet SuperMom (not)

I had been keeping a journal on another site, but it was cumbersome. A cyber friend of mine led me to this place, and viola! here I am. I guess I should start with a little background, and then, reader, you will just have to dive in the life of Shelli- crazy Mom on the move (armed with only the very best handbags.. more on that obsession later…)I work at home, and when I say work at home, I must qualify that it isn’t a job where I have tons of free time to clean my house, make weekly hair and nail appointments, and watch daytime TV. No, I WISH.I work FT in a consulting operations role for a major technology company. Which one? If you read along, you’ll figure it out. I live in a world consumed by laptops, blackberries, conference calls, and the occasional business trip. I am wired for speed.I have been married to my wonderful husband for 11 years, and we have a very active toddler, David, who just turned 3 in May. He’s a handful, but aren’t all toddlers? We are trying to conceive #2, and well, it’s been awhile that we have been working on that. I had a 2nd trimester loss back in April, but we are still moving forward.In my spare time, I struggle with being everything to everybody. Actually, to be truthful, it’s me being hard on myself…. I thank years of women before me for that little prize.So here I am, and instead of laying everying out there at once, hang on. Instead of paying for therapy, the Blog will be all the therapy I will ever need…. Fellow Moms and Superwomen are welcomed to comment, especially if you have any good ideas!

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